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Injection Therapy

Prolotherapy injects a mild irritant, usually a dextrose or glucose-based compound, directly into the site of an injured ligament, joint or tendon producing a positive inflammatory response in weakened joints including knee, hip, fingers, elbow, shoulder & ankles. New tissue is generated, patients heal quicker, while chronic pain is dramatically reduced.

Prolotherapy Joint Healing

Healing Power of

A skilled physician uses an injection-based cellular therapy called Prolotherapy to target chronic musculoskeletal pain in the joints including the knees and hips. We have seen great success in treating lower back pain, osteoarthritis and several tendinopathies associated with the aging process or aggravated by a previous sports injury.


It’s a non-surgical approach within Orthopedic Medicine and a powerful alternative to invasive knee or hip replacement surgeries.


Regenerative Clinics bound by the Hippocratic goal of “First, Do No Harm,” utilize Prolotherapy as a powerful, gentle healing alternative.


The procedure does not rely on harmful anti-inflammatories or pharmaceuticals. It’s safe alternative.

Quick Procedure

The procedure usually takes less than an hour, reducing long stays in the hospital or the effects of general anesthesia.

Prolotherapy Case Study

Patient Success Story

This 68 year old patient overcome prostrate cancer only to experience chronic knee later in life. After several knee surgeries aimed at fixing meniscus tears, he approached Dr. Coleman for Prolotherapy injections as an alternative to more surgery.

The Prolotherapy Experience

We answer some of your key questions or concerns below relating to Prolotherapy. Remember, this procedure has been around for centuries: It has been refined and perfected by medical doctors within the field of Osteopathic Medicine.

Which Joints Or Ligaments?

Any joint that is has been weakened by aging, including osteoarthritis, or by a sports injury, including partial rotator cuff tears in the shoulder is a candidate for Prolotherapy. The majority of Prolotherapy procedures are performed on injured or aging knee joints, hip joints, and hip joints, which respond extremely well to treatment.

Any Side Effects?

Very few, in fact. Patients may experience mild side effects common to any healing process, including swelling or some natural stiffness. It’s not recommended to take any anti-inflammatories such as Aspirin since this inhibits the body’s natural response to heal the injured or weakened joint. However, some small amounts of Tylenol can be taken to ease any mild pain.

Healing Timeline

Usually, several treatments are recommended to gradually build up a scaffold of connected tissue in the weakened area. These are usually spaced 1-3 weeks apart depending on the Doctor’s diagnosis. The diagram further above gives you some idea of a typical healing timeline a single Prolotherapy treatment.

Patient Outcomes

ProlotherapySuccess Rates

Generally, Prolotherapy has favorable outcomes because the patient is pre-screened for candidacy in the initial Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA). Results will differ based on age, genetics, patient history and the patient’s capacity for healing. However, as a general rule of thumb our patients on average experience a positive increase in mobility at least 70% of the time. In nearly all cases, patients experience a reduction in pain and an ability to return to their normal lifestyles, pastimes and activities.

Dr. Steve Coleman

Your Physician

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine will carefully administer the cellular injections using specialized injection therapy training. Dr. Coleman is also one of the first physicians to become board certified by the American Academy of Board of Regenerative Medicine, giving him a strong functional understanding of the benefits and limits of Prolotherapy

Long-term thinking

My Mission

To always provide advice that is the same as that which we would recommend for ourselves or our own family. My regenerative clinic puts a strong emphasis on a functional or preventive approach to any cellular therapy, including prolotherapy. To assist in this goal I ask all my patients to go undergo a Comprehensive Medical Assessment or 100 Point Health Score below.

History of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy Through The Ages

From ancient Greece to the Roman Colosseum, Prolotherapy has a long and storied history in treating joint pain and injuries. It’s a winding story that involves several pioneers and key personal turning points that shaped the modern landscape of regenerative medicine. Each practitioner of this fabled medical approach marveled how a simple irritant injected into a weakened or injured joint could stimulate a regenerative cascade in the human body. The method showed a remarkable ability to reduce chronic pain in patients suffering from joint injuries or degenerative joint disease, commonly known as osteoarthritis.

Ancient Past

Prolotherapy in Antiquity

Many trace the origins of these injection-based procedures for musculoskeletal joint pain as far back as 400 B.C. when the legendary Greek physician, Hippocrates used a hot poker to repair a dislocated shoulder. Historical records show rudimentary forms of prolotherapy may have been used to treat gladiators whose joints, and flesh was ravished by combat in the Colosseum.

Back in time

Read Full History Of Prolotherapy

The twists and turns that led to the modern deployment of Prolotherapy treatments in America today.

How healthy are you?

Health Score

Our 100-point Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) is designed to give our doctors a 360-degree view of your total health and susceptibility to disease. It also helps us evaluate whether you would be a good candidate for Prolotherapy or other injection protocols.
Are You in Pain?

We can help

If you listen to the patient long enough, he will tell you what is wrong with him. You just have to pay attention to the clues. Start this process by confirming your pain point below.

01. Head Pain

We safely treat and cure headaches, tension headaches and brain trauma.

02. TMJ

We regularly relieve patients of pain associated with Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) .

03. Neck Pain

We specialize in the treatment and relief of pain using Stem Cells, Prolotherapy, and Osteopathic Manipulation.

04. Back Pain

We treat multiple back pain issues incl. slipped disc, sciatica, whiplash, frozen shoulder & ankylosing spondylitis

05. Shoulder Pain

We treat and cure shoulder pain related to sports injuries, accidents or accumulated arthritis. Please schedule an appointment.

06. Elbow Pain

Over-stressing shoulder extensor muscles leads to pain. We functionally treat pain in tendons, ligaments, and connective issue.

07. Wrist Pain

We alleviate pain related to wrist fractures, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related thyroid disorders.

08. Hand Pain

We fight wrist pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fractures, a ganglion, de Quervain’s disease, and more.

09. Finger Pain

Finger tenderness, stiffness, burning related to sports injuries, job roles and conditions can be successfully treated.

10. Pelvic Pain

Mild to acute pain in pelvis can be caused by inflammatory disease, appendicitis, peritonis, urinary tract infections and more.

11. Hip Pain

We successfully treat underlying causes of hip pain, including hip fractures, bursitis and osteoarthritis.

12. Knee Pain

Knee pain due to overuse or sports injuries does need to be permanent. We also minimize pain stemming from arthritis.

13. Ankle Pain

Sprains, injuries, arthritis are common causes of Ankle pain. We treat them all including gout and tenosynovitis

14. Foot Pain

Diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, sprains and strains may cause foot pain. Our cellular therapies combat them all.

15. Mystery Pain

If your pain encompasses multiple body locations at regular intervals we can narrow down the cause.