Penile Rejuvenation

The P-Shot®
Penis Health
& Sexual Potency

Men can now leverage a powerful new erectogenic cellular therapy known as the P-Shot® to safely target Erectile Dysfunction (ED), increase penis girth (& length), while regulating physical deformities associated with Peyronie’s Disease using the power of your own blood without surgery.
Cosmetic Prodecure

Penis 2.0: Powerful Erections, Alpha Performance, Increased Size & Curvature Minimization

By extracting a teaspoon of your own blood including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), our physicians can trigger powerful functional and anatomical benefits for your penis by gently re-injecting the growth proteins into your penis. And, it only takes about 10 minutes!
Pleasure Amplication

Enhanced Male Performance

Just one single injection of the P-Shot® (Priapus Shot) safely administered by a Prolotherapy physician can help spark powerful erections, alpha-like performance in bed, and ultimately restore your sexual performance to levels last seen in your twenties.

Increase Girth & Length

Size Does Matter

A wonderful side effect of the P-Shot® is the gradual volumetric increase in penis size (and length) that stems from natural vascularization triggered by the cellular tissue regeneration associated with PRP. This increased girth adds to self-confidence and renewed sexual potency.
Bladder Control

Eliminate Urinary Incontinence

The P-Shot® also helps men who struggle with urge or stress urinary incontinence caused by aging, injury or disease. Rich protein growth factors, including cytokines, signal your tissue to re-grow and strengthen offering a natural, safe pathway for regulating bladder functions.

Penis Curvature

Peyronie’s Disease

Irregular curvatures or bend in the penis can pose serious risks particularly those suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, causing pain or distress during sex. PRP sparks a healing process at the cellular level to naturally curtail bends and help straighten erections.

Sexual Potency

The P-Shot® is quite literally a revolution in non-surgical approaches to helping men of all ages sexually perform better, last longer in bed and enjoy amplified sexual orgasms that rival those of men much younger than yourself. This libido booster only takes 10 minutes to administer and is becoming famous the world over.

Sexual Dysfunction

You may be among 52% of American men who at some point suffer the effects of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Struggling to get or maintain an erection creates stress & worry, but the fact you are reading this suggests you are ready to take action WITHOUT surgery.

Beyond Medication

While specialty drugs like Viagra or Cialis may offer short-term benefits, the P-Shot® pursues a long-term regenerative approach to restoring sexual function at the cellular level. By stimulating fibroblasts and endothelial cells, a natural restorative process emerges in the penis complex which no medication can match.

Matter Over Mind

While ED and sexual health performance are made more complicated by aging and associated conditions such as Diabetes, Depression, Circulatory Problems and Prostrate Cancer, the Priapus Shot (or P-Shot® ) boosts libido and erections locally in the cells and tissue that comprise your penis. Essentially, it’s working to make your penis younger and stronger.

Instant Erections

It’s no exaggeration to say that almost immediately after the Priapus Shot (or P-Shot® ) being administered you will experience a powerful erection.

Chasing Infinity

While the instant erection described above is intriguing, the greater benefit to men over 40 is the emergence of a long-term ability to achieve & maintain erections. Nearly 90% of the men studied in PRP-based trials (or local office procedures) report this benefit after receiving the Priapus Shot (or P-Shot® ).

Defy Aging

The PRP-based P-Shot® is at its core an age management tool. By regenerating your cells, tissue and promoting Neovascularization we rejuvenate, revitalize and restore sexual health to men of any age, but particular those over 40.


Girth & Length

The P-Shot® has the potential to grow penis size by a half inch or more depending on current size, genetics and other factors specific to the PRP-based protocol. Noticeable increases are seen immediately after treatment while follow up treatments boost circumference

Success Rates

We routinely see up to 70% of our patients reporting sizable gains in girth and length. Of course we cannot guarantee this result every time but our patient success stories confirm you have an outstanding chance to gain size both vertically and horizontally.

Penis Pump

We also provide a free penis pump to facilitate the cellular healing process and tissue regeneration, amplifying size gains. Just like working out benefits from a protein diet, a penis pump helps boost gains made at a microscopic level with Priapus Shot® (or P-Shot® )

Microscopic Growth

Cell growth by either enlargement of the individual cells or by proliferation in the numbers of the cells endemic to the P-Shot help straighten and elongate tissue, which contributes to a longer and volumetric penis.

Extraneous Factors

Nutrition, cigarette smoking, blood pressure medicine and low testosterone levels will also impact gains in circumference and length in the same a physical wound heals less quickly when these factors (or toxins) are present.
Winning The Fight Against

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a fibrotic condition or penile deformity that creates an unnatural bend or curve in the penis, especially in men aged over 40. An erection (or sex) can be painful, as the underlying plaque buildup in the intracavernous tissue impacts functional and anatomical operations. The P-Shot® loaded with growth proteins and purified blood from your own body, targets the connective tissue and collagen to gently straighten out the curve.

Unwinding Fibrosis

The P-Shot® is a regenerative procedure that helps correct a curve in the penis (usually more than 20-30 degrees) using Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP. It’s a quick, entirely safe procedure using your own harvested blood.

PD Symptoms

Relieving pain or distress related to PD is paramount. If you suffer from popping sounds or painful sensations during an erection, you may be suffering from this Fibrotic Disease. Purple bruising or difficulty urinating are other symptoms, too. A regenerative cellular approach targets all these ailments and more.

True Relief

While many suffering from PD, may pursue pill prescriptions or other pharmaceutical approaches to the problem, the P-Shot® offers a very quick, elegant solution to getting results quickly.

Understanding PD

Several factors may cause PD, including a previous wound which scars to protect itself. It’s often seen in other areas of the body, including the palmar fascias in the hand, but it can manifest itself in the penis, too. A cellular approach makes sense since it tackles the cause, not just the symptoms.

Overcoming Embarrassment

Many men are completely unware they have this condition, privately embarrassed and unwilling to seek medical help. But, it can be treated using cellular therapies, particularly the P-Shot® . Don’t let embarrassment stop you enjoying a healthy sex life.

Straight Up

The procedure release a proliferation of cellular healing agents that promote elongation, girth and very importantly, straightness. The extracellular matrix weaves together to naturally remove angulation while thickening the tissue.

Hyaluronic Acid

We pair the P-Shot® (containing your own blood plasma and PRP) with Hyaluronic Acid we (HA) to regenerate fibrotic tissue and induce inflammatory healing. This creates a natural healing cascade that no pharmaceutical drug can match.

Fighting Back

Urinary Incontinence

While urinary incontinence in adults is generally more prevalent among females, the troubling condition, including both stress & urge urinary incontinence, may manifest itself in men at various points in the aging process. Several influencing conditions trigger the onset of bladder leakage. Rich Plasma-Platelets (PRP) present in The P-Shot® offers real hope for treating this ailment safely with minimal risk to the patient.


Long-term nerve damage from diabetes can affect and influence bladder control. The P-Shot® works to rebuild connective tissues, influencing nerve function and bladder function.


Patients who suffered earlier strokes are also at risk of either stress or urge urinary incontinence. The in The P-Shot® intervenes at the cellular level to regrow tissue and the extracellular matrix, giving patients new tools to regulate bladder leakage.


Parkinson’s Disease & Multiple Sclerosis affect the brain and nervous system, contributing to urinary incontinence. Since The in The P-Shot® uses your own blood there is no risk of contamination or side effects when using PRP to treat symptoms stemming from these conditions.

Stress & Urge Urinary Incontinence

Sometimes there is no clear cause for an overactive bladder, which squeezes at the wrong time. A PRP-based prolotherapy approach is a safe to build new tissue and strengthen signaling between cells at a microscopic level

Spinal Cord

Spinal cord issues, herniated disks and other lower back issues may influence bladder function. The P-Shot® along with other cellular therapies, including stem cells, can be explored to help regrow cartilage, ligaments and tissue in the lower back which may positively impact both urge & stress urinary incontinence.
Penis Rejuvenation

How The P-Shot® Works

The painless, 10-minute procedure is a non-surgical penis rejuvenation protocol that restores sexual function and sensitivity in men that may occur during the aging process. It’s a gentle Level 1 office procedure performed by a Certified Provider of the P-Shot®.

Treatment .01

Blood Extraction

A certified physician extracts a few tablespoons of blood to using an established and recognized medical approach, called Prolotherapy.

Treatment .02

Centrifugal Purification

A state-of-the-art German centrifuge is used to rapidly spin your blood into separate layers of white, red and golden blood cells that hold the key to tissue regeneration.

Treatment .03

Numbing Cream

We apply numbing cream approximately half an hour before the procedure to remove all sensation in the penis and ensure a comfortable experience.

Treatment .04

Penis Targeting

Using a precise certified procedure, the physician gentle injects the Next Generation PRP into your penis, triggering a cellular regeneration cascade that rebuilds healthy, younger tissue in your clitoral region.

Treatment .05

Penis Pump

We provide a high-quality penis pump to act as physical therapy amplifier for the cellular regeneration underway in your penis. We provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to benefit from this device.

Treatment .05

Gentle Regeneration

Two additional visits are recommended to maximize the regeneration process and build a strong scaffold of new penile tissue and collagen which restores sexual potency, elongates and increases circumference, while also alleviating other conditions including incontinence.

Painless Procedure

A Gentle

Enjoy a low-risk, painless experience since the process is built upon the idea of using your own blood cells to trigger regeneration in the penis and surrounding biologic complex. Our doctors are not only trained and certified in the P-Shot® but are also recognized experts in Prolotherapy, the science of precise cellular injections to trigger tissue healing. Your valuable equipment is in safe hands.

Is Regeneration Really Possible?

Yes. By marshaling growth factors in your blood including rich fibroblasts, fibrin and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) our clinic unlocks the wonders of regeneration which fights the aging process. As neovascularization helps restore sexual health, the patient effectively experiences penis rejuvenation including stronger erections, increased libido and powerful orgasmic pleasure. This leads to an overall sense of well-being, improves relationships – all leading to an improved quality of life.

Cellular Therapies

Stem Cells

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)



Growth Factors


* Primary physician services at our two locations

Sexual Healing

How Long Before I See Results

Each patient experiences different healing timelines, but you should start to feel the effects almost immediately after the first shot, including a powerful erection. While this may wear off in a day or two, you will find your libido surging around the 10 day. Two additional treatments lock in the regenerative benefits, triggering a remarkable improvement in sexual health.

Pleasure Insight

The P-Shot®

Regeneration Vs

* Prescription Medicine

While both treatments have similarities, including an injectable approach to weaken and break down plaque associated with Peyronie’s Disease, there is a decidedly difference in price, timelines and philosophy.

XIAFLEX® is a drug that contains collagenase clostridium histolyticum and works to remove scarred or dead tissue in the penis. Over a period of 6 weeks, 4 injections are applied which requires daily modeling by the patient to stretch and elongate the penis tissue. While it can be effective, it’s also considerably more expensive than the P-Shot®. It may also have some painful side effects, including bruising and swelling. It is also suggested to refrain from sex or related activities. It may also cause some strain on your stomach/abdominal muscles.

Conversely, The P-Shot® uses your own blood plasma which has been centrifuged to produce a purified compound containing rich growth factors called PRP. Patients can return to full lifestyle upon leaving the office and there are almost zero side effects. It has an elegant regenerative pathway to healing that is entirely safe and long-lasting.

Finally, in addition to the benefits of anatomically removing curves or bends in the penis, The P-Shot® also restores sexual potency and helps boost erections.
Doctor Guided Program

Is The P-Shot® Safe?

The P-Shot® is extremely safe: It uses your own blood or PRP to trigger a healing response; not surgery or pharmaceutical drugs. Cellular regeneration is transforming every branch of medicine, including penis rejuvenation. This should give you piece-of-mind knowing that it’s your very own blood that directs sexual healing & anatomical gains.
Zero Contanimation Policy

Stringent Operating Guidelines

We follow stringent operating guidelines when operating state-of-the-art medical centrifuges that retail at over $6,000 per piece. The 27-Step Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) guides our medical team during the process of extracting cellular tissue, including PRP.
Prolotherapy Masters

Certified P-Shot® Physicians

The P-Shot® is performed by a Certified Provider, highly skilled in applying this patented technique. Additionally, we are Certified Masters of a prominent injection cellular technique known as Prolotherapy. This indicates a high degree of operator skill in applying any cellular injection technique, including The P-Shot. Since the procedure only takes 10 minutes, the patient can return to a safe, normal lifestyle extremely quickly which helps promote a sense of well-being and additional regenerative recovery.
Cellular Medicine Expert

Certified Provider of The P-Shot®

As an official provider of P-Shot®, we are listed in their member directory confirming our credentials. However, we are also recognized as a leader in all non-surgical regenerative techniques which relate to fighting the aging process. This includes orthopedic, hormonal, functional, sexual and physiological treatment protocols that help patients feel better, move better and look better. This is the basis of our 100 Point Health Score or Comprehensive Medical Assessments which situates your sexual or urinary health within the broader context of your systemic wellness.

Why Trust

Can You Tell Me More About Dr. Steve Coleman?

Dr. Steven Coleman D.O. is a distinguished graduate of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. He holds an original Doctor of Osteopathy degree (D.O.) issued in Kirksville Missouri. He is twice certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine, the First Specialty recognized by the American Osteopathic Association.

He places a strong emphasis on personalized medicine which arguably receded from the American landscape starting in the late 1970s. Inventor of the 100 Point Health Score he uses a Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) to systematically score the entire body in terms of health and physiology. This functional approach to cellular medicine is applied to all functional regenerative procedures ensuring a risk-free experience for any patient pursuing facial rejuvenation, penile rejuvenation, and vaginal rejuvenation.

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