(TMJ) Pain
Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

If your jaw area experiences facial tremors, popping, or moments when it gets stuck there is the possibility it could be TMJ. We strongly advise that you complete our 100-Point Health Score below to determine treatment options, including whether you may have related conditions such as Cervical dystonia.


It’s estimated that up to 10 million Americans experience this condition, with a bias towards women.

This troubling condition should not be taken lightly with patients complaining of pain while chewing, a general feeling of upper and lower jaw stiffness. Often there is a misalignment of the way the top and lower teeth fit together.

Typically, the above are treated with prescription drugs and sometimes, surgery.

However, only a Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) conducted by a trained functional medical physician can determine whether there are additional causes to your pain which may respond to non-surgical treatment plans.

Surgery should be considered an absolute last resort. We have had success treating patients for this disorder using gentler approaches found in regenerative and preventive medicine.

How healthy are you?

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Our 100-point Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) can uncover the ultimate cause of your jaw pain which may or may not be directly related to TMJ.
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Our difference lies in offering long-term treatment therapies that encompass preventive medicine, regenerative medicine and healthy nutritional therapies to treat the cause, not the symptoms, of TMJ.

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Prolotherapy pain targeting

Cellular Pain Targeting

Hormone Balancing

Nutritional Counseling

Hybrid therapies are assigned to patients based on their 100-point Health Score.