Our Story
The Medical Masters Journey

Founded by Dr. Steven Coleman, D.O., in 2007
Personalized Medicine

Offering Hope Not Hype

I created Medical Masters to re-introduce the concept of personalized medicine, which was a common feature in American medical care prior to the 1970s.


Dr. Steve Coleman

Dr. Coleman was one the first physicians to become board certified by the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine, or AABRM.


My Mission

To always provide advice that is the same as that which we would recommend for ourselves or our own family.

Medical Timeline

I Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

125 years ago the legendary Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, MD, founded Osteopathic Medicine, a profound turning point in modern medicine that ultimately led to the genesis of MedicalMasters.org. Please join me on this journey….

Medical Timeline

Our History

MedicalMasters.org was founded by Dr. Steven Coleman, D.O., in 2007, as a response to the shortcomings so evident in “traditional medicine,” which largely places a premium on high patient turnover while neglecting long-term health care. His medical qualifications are extensive including these four milestones in his career.



Medical Degree

Dr. Coleman received his undergraduate education at Michigan State University, laying a strong foundation in Internal Medicine.




He attended the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, which was the very first school of osteopathic medicine in the world.




With certificate number 42, he was one the first physicians to become board certified by the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine, or AABRM.




MedicalMasters.org currently consists of two medical institutes in Fort Lauderdale and Bonita Springs, both in Florida, with additional offices planned in Florida and nationwide

Medical Milestones

Learning From the Best

All the osteopathic principles that make osteopathic physicians so sought after and are now taught in 31 other osteopathic medical schools began in Kirksville, Missouri.

Challenging Convention

The founder of osteopathic medicine was Andrew Taylor Still, M.D. He chose to grant the doctor of osteopathy degree instead of the medical doctor degree to his graduates for two reasons. One was that he wanted the public to know that his doctors were not the same old type of doctor that was being produced by the conventional medical schools of the day. Remember: At the time of the founding of osteopathic medicine, there were few or no effective drug therapies. There was no general anesthesia.

Contrarian Thinking

The other reason he gave us the doctor of osteopathy degree was to ingrain in the physician himself that he was different and able to think for himself. “Group-think” only takes you so far. All great leaps forward come from individuals thinking outside of the box.

Experience Matters

My education and experience have allowed me to combine the latest approaches in preventive, regenerative and nutritional medicine to tackle the underlying causes of disease and the patient’s pain, rather than simply bludgeoning the symptoms with an overly aggressive pharmaceutical program.


Old Fashioned Values


MedicalMasters.org is dedicated to practicing ethical, quality medicine. We put patient care before profits with zero tolerance for price gouging or “drive-by” medicine.

Our Strategy

We focus on long-term treatment therapies that maximize optimal health, irrespective of age.

Our Tactics

Paint treatment using same-day cellular therapies and prolotherapy to alleviate systemic joint pain & distress.

Personalized Medicine

We do a thorough, old-fashioned, in-depth history & physical exam, face-to-face. We are your family doctor.


We only offer FDA-compliant therapies and offer no disallowed drugs, devices, procedures or treatments.

Our Journey

We are Growing

We have expanded considerably over the last few years, pioneering a number of new therapies for men and woman suffering from joint pain or the affects of aging. We continue to advance new tools for the benefit of our patients in Florida.

Cellular Therapies


Hormone Balancing

Nutritional Counseling

* Primary physician services at our two locations