Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide


Increase Healthspan
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Discover advanced cellular & nutritional pathways to optimal health using NAD+ inspired nutraceutical & dietary therapies to fight diseases associated with aging and damaged energy metabolism.

Nutritional Counseling Program

Rewind Aging & Boost Energy Metabolism

The biggest roadblock to your health lies in age-related diseases and metabolic energy impingements that hamper brain function, energy, mobility, circadian cycles, mood and the general ability to thrive in life. If you are past the age of 40, your NAD levels may have dangerously declined by as much as 40-60%. Restore metabolic function with a balanced dietary & supplemental approach.
Nutritional Intake

Dietary Counseling

Our regenerative doctors carefully calibrate your diet and response to calorie restriction, with particular attention to NAD+ recovery & Mitochondrial function.
NAD+ Cellular Optimization


Accelerate NAD+ intake in a safe, controlled manner using a combination of oral pill ingestion or Intravenous therapy. Both are prescribed according to results of Comprehensive Medical Assessment.
Overpowering Free Radicals

DNA Repair

Oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals from our diet and environment destabilize your genomic complex. Exercise and diet help, but a focused attention to NAD+ production may hold the key to repairing mistakes in your DNA. Current studies into Telomere shortening may also unravel further benefits that come from NAD+ optimization.

01. DNA Mutations

As we age, we accumulate biotoxins from poor food choices, alcohol intake, daily stress or the addiction to opioids. This mutates DNA leading to poor health & disease. NAD+ helps protect & repair your DNA.

02. Free Radicals

Mounting evidence suggests that NAD+ along with other key dietary nutrients may help prevent the overflow of free radicals that come from aging. This will help us minimize heart disease, osteoporosis, and perhaps even cancer.

03. DNA Maintenance

Optimal Mitochondrial function associated with NAD+ production and an effective Krebs Cycle can clear existing DNA damage or prevent it from spreading.

Concentrate. Focus. Attention.

Restore Brain Function

It’s hard to maintain the mental edge and clarity of thought that
defined our lives during our twenties. This huge muscle requires nearly 30% of your cellular energy. We feed your Mitochondria with dietary and supplemental nutrients including NAD, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals to help your neural pathways fire.

01. Brain Fog

Hazy thoughts or “brain fog“ is often the first sign of cells dying off from poor mitochondrial function. NAD+ elevation fights back to feed your brain delicious nutrients & energy.

02. Loss of Focus

Dietary & supplemental intervention restores brain function, allowing you to solve problems. It cuts through the waste products that block neurotransmitters and key receptors.

03. Memory Loss

Energy deficiencies play out in memory loss and poor short-term retention of information. This affects neurotransmitters governing moods and action. NAD+ repairs your memory vaults.

Overpowering Free Radicals

Increase Energy

There is a direct relationship between the nutrients, minerals and antioxidants you feed your body and the cellular energy that gets released from Mitochondrial activity. The electrical energy you crave in life to walk, run, compete or regulate your mood is dependent on optimizing NAD+ production.

The Cellular Edge

Is Cellular Regeneration Really Possible?

Indeed it is. Recent studies show remarkable anti-aging effects in mice, reducing their age profile by half and giving their cells a more youthful profile. An elegant interplay of cellular messengers, enzymes, proteins and gene transcription services require optimal intake of NAD+ to ensure Sirtuins can help the Mitochondria produce energy. Stem cells cannot repair tissue without ATP energy, showing how much potential cellular regeneration holds for the human body.

Cellular Therapies




Vitamin B3 Precursors

Amino Acids

Diet, Supplements & Exercise

* Primary physician services at our two locations

Muscular-Skeletal System

Muscle Recovery

Low NAD+ Levels are not advantageous towards muscle health. Muscles are energy-expensive and need to produce, store and utilize ATP energy at rest and during movement. Boosting NAD+ helps maintain muscular-skeletal functions while offsetting the risk of acquiring inflammatory or metabolic diseases which harm muscle structure & function.

01. Muscle Recovery

Playing sports can increase the rate of ATP demand up to a 1000-fold, a difficult requirement once past the age of 40. Without sufficient NAD+ athletes experience fatigue and longer periods to recover.

02. Muscle Loss

Muscles lose size, shape and function as we age, mitigated by diet and exercise. NAD+ localization to mitochondria in muscles ensures it has the energy it needs to stay strong and healthy.

03. Muscle Optimization

Mitochondrial respiration works alongside Phosphagen & Glycolytic energy systems to ensure your body can replenish ATP Energy. NAD+ is critical for this ATP production.

Sleep Better

Circadian Optimization

Waking up well rested at first light or falling asleep quickly after sunset are governed at a cellular level. Poor diet and toxins present in your body impact how well NAD+ is absorbed, produced and extracted by your Mitochondria. Restoring nutritional balance with a dietary & supplement program can help you get a restful night’s sleep.

01. Circadian Clock

The body naturally uses amino acids like Tryptophan to mobilize neurotransmitters and hormones which affect sleep. It also works naturally to produce NAD+ which plays a role in normal sleep patterns.

02. Vitamin B3

The natural production of NAD+ from our dietary intake requires various Vitamin B3 compounds including Nicotinamide Riboside which plays a role in normalizing Circadian function.

03. Energy Conversion

The output and regulation of sleep in the human body is dependent on cells converting food into energy. This impacts the cellular oscillators involved in the Circadian Clock and your ability to fall (and stay asleep).

Nutritional Balancing

Physician Guided Program

Welcome! Our customized program balances your dietary profile with the latest breakthroughs in nutraceutical supplementation, offering a powerful, calibrated approach to restoring mental & physical function in your body – despite the harmful effects of poor food choices, chemical dependencies or the prolonged impact of toxic exterior environments. All our programs are doctor-guided and carefully monitored in a results-orientated approach.

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NAD+ Therapy


Patients experiencing the following conditions or symptoms usually respond well to IV Therapy and a carefully monitored diet plan that may also include calorie restriction.

Treatment .01

Chronic Fatigue

Treatment .02

Muscle Pain & Weakness

Treatment .03

Osteoarthritis (Joint Pain & Stiffness)

Treatment .04



Treatment .05


Treatment .06


Treatment .07

Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Treatment .08

Sleep Issues

Treatment .09

Memory Loss

Treatment .10

Attention Deficit Disorder

Doctor Guided Program


The following diagram depicts some of the cellular pathways that targets with regards NAD+ production using our calibrated dietary counseling and supplemental nutraceutical program.