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Nutritional Counseling

By calibrating your diet with preventive and regenerative medical therapies we bring your body back to optimum health.
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Nutrition Matters

Our Comprehensive Medical Exam (CMA) will also allow us to produce an immune response cell score for your body that determines how well, at a cellular level, your body is maintaining metabolic nutrient equilibrium.

Fighting Inflammation

Evaluation of inflammatory markers, interleukins and cytokines can shed light on the dark shadows of frightening diseases.


Nutrition plays a major role in your ability to thrive in life . It greatly affects your energy levels.

Finding Balance

By carefully calibrating your diet and monitoring your progress, we can help bring your body back into balance & maximize health.

Fact, Not Fiction

Imagine that some doctors never educate their diabetic patients about the importance of a good diet. To us, this is unthinkable.
How healthy are you?

Health Score

Our 100-point Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) is designed to give our doctors a 360-degree view of your total health and susceptibility to disease.


Clinic Features has pioneered a balanced approach to treating both short- and long-term health issues using the latest advances in preventive, regenerative and nutritional medicine

FDA Compliant

We take particular care to ensure that any cellular, hormone or nutritional strategy conducted, implemented or described in our institute is FDA compliant.

FTC Compliant

We do not advocate miracle cures or make fantastic claims based on trending technologies such as stem cell treatment or other similar therapies.


We strive to offer the least-invasive, most efficacious yet gentle therapies that promote body healing and limit your time in the doctor’s office.

Head to Toe

Our cellular therapies are uniquely suited to healing patient pain in the hip, knee, shoulder, hand and wrist, knee, ankle and foot, and elbow

Same Day Treatment

We harvest stem cells from your own bone marrow or fat cells for re-injection, painlessly, the same day.

A Destination Clinic

We offer treatment from two facilities in Florida: Boynton Beach and Bonita Springs, providing both local patients and those outside Florida a wonderful treatment experience.

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