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Marie Shares Her Hormone Balancing Experience

September 8, 2016 by Steve Coleman0

Most of the time I’m pretty upbeat with a good sense of humor, but once my hormones go out of synch I’m like a different person,” said Marie.  Does this sound familiar to other middle-aged woman faced with the daily demands of professional life, raising a family, pleasing her husband and still finding time to enjoy healthy activities such as exercise and a healthy diet?

Marie visited our regenerative medicine clinic to help get some balance back in her life.   After an extensive 360-degree patient exam, we determined she would be an ideal candidate for bio identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) , and in particular,  testosterone pellet  therapy.    This is a medically guided program that uses a proprietary 100-point health score to determine your physiological, physical, mental and hormone equilibrium levels followed by a customized treatment plan to deliver powerful, long lasting results.

Marie, at times, was suffering from depression: “I just went into my shell and felt down.”  She knew she was not getting the best out of her life and needed a lift.

After 28 days the results were dramatic. In fact,  she noticed an immediate boost within 48 hours of treatment.    Friends and Family immediately noticed the change and she now feels her life is back on track, feeling years younger. What’s so heartening about this story, is it’s just the beginning. With careful,  medically-guided treatment and counseling, Marie should notice even more positive gains as her body adapts and re-balances female estrogen and testosterone levels.

Marie decided to share her story with you below.  “I am the poster child for female hormone treatment. I continually preach to woman how important it is to balance your hormones.”

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