The (Fractured) Truth

About Osteoarthritis

This often misunderstood condition has the capacity to negatively impact the quality of life either due to age or sports injury, or both. Did you know that once past the age of 30 you are losing bone density? Women, in particular lose up to 20% of bone mineral density in five to seven years after menopause. By age 65 men and women lose bone density at the same rate, according to the Harvard Medical Review. The end result is worrying bone fractures and other side effects that will adversely affect the quality of your life and generally lead to severe localized pain.

About Fat

Too little body fat can actually stimulate osteoarthritis. Many patients are unaware of this.

About Movement

Moving your body on a regular basis may decrease spine and hip fractures by as much as 50%. But the type of movement also matters.

About Surgery

Too often surgery becomes a mandatory step prescribed by typical medical practitioners (and indirectly encouraged by health insurance companies). You need to ask yourself why this is the case?

About your body

In many instances, other parts of your body may be contributing to the joint pain. This is the rationale behind our 100-Point Health Score outlined further below.

The Way Forward for

Treating Osteoarthritis

There is another alternative, a safer, more consistent route to treating your knee or joint pain (provided it is not yet bone-on-bone) that does not require expensive, invasive and terrifying surgery that often leads to a myriad of side effects (yes, even death, although this is rare).

Our solution uses the latest advances in Stem Cell Therapy to apply same-day injections to the affected joint (especially knees) to stimulate tissue growth and reduce pain. It’s an FDA/FTC-compliant Level 1 medical procedure that typically takes less than three hours to complete by our medical doctor and harvests your fat and bone marrow cells before being re-injected back into the affected joint.

Over the course of 30 days patients usually register a significant reduction in pain, with a noticeable increase in joint mobility,

What makes this procedure so advanced is that we also combine the latest advances in PRP and prolotherapy in combination with the stem cell procedure. This gives us a wide range of modern day tools to stimulate tissue growth around the knee and reduce pain.

Before undergoing the above, we evaluate your overall health profile in our 100-Point Health Score which gives our doctors a clear understanding (and insight) into your entire body and any underlying conditions which directly or indirectly affect your health including localized conditions such as knee pain.

The Power of Stem Cells

Joint Pain Therapy

If you suffer from joint pain in any of these areas you may be a candidate for stem cell injections. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule an appointment with our physicians. Click any one of the joint pain icons below to read more about that condition.

01. Head Pain

We safely treat and cure headaches, tension headaches and brain trauma.

02. TMJ

We regularly relieve patients of pain associated with Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) .

03. Neck Pain

We specialize in the treatment and relief of pain using Stem Cells, Prolotherapy, and Osteopathic Manipulation.

04. Back Pain

We treat multiple back pain issues incl. slipped disc, sciatica, whiplash, frozen shoulder & ankylosing spondylitis

05. Shoulder Pain

We treat and cure shoulder pain related to sports injuries, accidents or accumulated arthritis. Please schedule an appointment.

06. Elbow Pain

Over-stressing shoulder extensor muscles leads to pain. We functionally treat pain in tendons, ligaments, and connective issue.

07. Wrist Pain

We alleviate pain related to wrist fractures, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related thyroid disorders.

08. Hand Pain

We fight wrist pain related to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fractures, a ganglion, de Quervain’s disease, and more.

09. Finger Pain

Finger tenderness, stiffness, burning related to sports injuries, job roles and conditions can be successfully treated.

10. Pelvic Pain

Mild to acute pain in pelvis can be caused by inflammatory disease, appendicitis, peritonis, urinary tract infections and more.

11. Hip Pain

We successfully treat underlying causes of hip pain, including hip fractures, bursitis and osteoarthritis.

12. Knee Pain

Knee pain due to overuse or sports injuries does need to be permanent. We also minimize pain stemming from arthritis.

13. Ankle Pain

Sprains, injuries, arthritis are common causes of Ankle pain. We treat them all including gout and tenosynovitis

14. Foot Pain

Diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, sprains and strains may cause foot pain. Our cellular therapies combat them all.

15. Mystery Pain

If your pain encompasses multiple body locations at regular intervals we can narrow down the cause.
How healthy are you?

Health Score

Our 100-point Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) is designed to give our doctors a 360-degree view of your entire body, including underlying issues that may be aggravating joint pain in knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows and feet.


Clinic Features has pioneered a balanced approach to treating both short- and long-term health joint pain issues using stem cell injections and other cellular therapies.

FDA Compliant

We take particular care to ensure that any cellular, hormone or nutritional strategy conducted, implemented or described in our institute is FDA compliant.

FTC Compliant

We do not advocate miracle cures or make fantastic claims based on trending technologies such as stem cell treatment or other similar therapies.


We strive to offer the least-invasive, most efficacious yet gentle therapies that promote body healing and limit your time in the doctor’s office.

Head to Toe

Our cellular therapies are uniquely suited to healing patient pain in the hip, knee, shoulder, hand and wrist, knee, ankle and foot, and elbow

Same Day Treatment

We harvest stem cells from your own bone marrow or fat cells for re-injection, painlessly, the same day.

A Destination Clinic

We offer treatment from two facilities in Florida: Boynton Beach and Bonita Springs, providing both local patients and those outside Florida a wonderful treatment experience.

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