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Years Old

The Average Age Menopause Begins in American Women.

no period

In 12 Months

Why Does This Happen?

This halt in monthly menstrual cycle, no period in 12 months, relates directly to sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone which begin to diminish. Although menopause may occur between the ages of 40 and 50, most doctors observe a strong prevalence once you pass the age of 50. When this happens you experience some or all of the following symptoms: Irregular periods, Vaginal dryness, Hot flashes, Chills, Night sweats, Sleep problems, Mood changes, Weight gain and slowed metabolism, Thinning hair and dry skin and Loss of breast fullness. A hormone balancing program based on a Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) can help alleviate and remove these symptoms.

Dr. Steve Coleman

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine


Dr. Coleman takes the time to go over your blood work and test results and really explain things in a way you understand. 


I noticed dramatic improvements in my hormones and general health after being treated by Dr. Coleman, he is a great family doctor.


Dr. Coleman helped me with multiple issues including weight loss, thyroid and increasing my sex drive.  Sincerely recommend him!


It was such an easy and pleasant experience working with Dr. Coleman. He really cares and I feel so full of energy now.


The % of Women who experience early or premature menopause. In some cases, genetic or autoimmune causes may contribute.

What about Perimenopause?

In many cases, my patients may have a transitionary period before hitting the age of 52 which seem very similar to the menopausal symptoms mentioned above.

These "Irregular Periods" are common and may last an average of around 6 years. Sometimes a bit less; sometimes a bit more.  We call this Perimenopause.

Medical Team

If life can be viewed in terms of seasons, we would call Menopause Autumn.

Years on Average

Women may experience a transitionary period of between 4-8 years of irregular periods which seem disturbingly like Menopause, as they approach the age of 52.  

Can you tell me more about Menopausal symptoms?

Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

Does your skin suddenly redden, a feeling of warmth and blushing overtaking your face. You are experiencing a Hot Flash. 

Weight Gain

As your body approaches the age of 52 you may gain weight as menopause sets in.  Hormones promote belly fat around abdomen area. 


Insomnia is known to increase with age and may be accompanied by night sweats, a direct result of hormonal shifts in your body. 

Dry Skin

Do you feel dryness in your eyes, mouth and across your skin?  Skin-smoothing Collagen drops during menopause and the aging process.

Patient Success Story: Life Rebalanced For Marie

Interested in a Hormone Balancing Program?





Female Hormone Balancing In Bonita Springs

hormone balancing

dr. steve coleman's credentials

Key medical milestones in his career as a physician.



Michigan State University

Dr. Coleman received his undergraduate education at Michigan State University, laying a strong foundation in Internal Medicine and family-oriented healthcare.



Kirksville College of

Osteopathic Medicine.

He attended the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, which was the very first school of osteopathic medicine in the world.  This highly respected degree gives physicians an unrivaled understanding of the human body, including muscular skeletal system and relationship to internal hormone balancing. 



American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine, or AABRM

With certificate number 42, he was one the first physicians to become board certified by the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine, or AABRM.  Dr. Coleman continues to incorporate the latest advances in integrative medicine into his Florida clinics with a strong focus on providing long-term health benefits for his patients.  This includes advanced hormone balancing programs that may incorporate estrogen and progesterone modalities based on Comprehensive Medical Assessment. 

I stand

On The Shoulders of Giants

Our Medical Clinic Offers Hope Not Hype

I created Medical Masters to re-introduce the concept of personalized medicine, which was a common feature in American medical care prior to the 1970s.  125 years ago the legendary Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, MD, founded Osteopathic Medicine, a profound turning point in modern medicine that ultimately led to the genesis of Please join me on this journey….

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