Foot Pain
Advanced Treatment Strategies

Unfortunately, at least 75 percent of adults will experience foot pain at some point in their lives so severe that they will have to see a physician for foot pain. Many of these patients will need ongoing care, which may culminate in foot surgery, which is not painless or free of risk.

Foot Pain

Since the foot intricately connects with the rest of the body, and translates the force of standing and walking to the upper body, foot pain can be impossible to live with. There are at least 26 bones with 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and multiple tendons that can become painful. No wonder a stubbed toe can stop you in your tracks. Disease can literally change the shape of the foot and affect the articulation of the various structures to such a degree that disability can occur.

Worse yet is a serious injury that does not heal normally. This is the reason foot doctors are very busy. Podiatric surgeons cannot and should not try to treat all foot pain as needing surgery. The results of that would be disastrous and counter-productive to foot pain in general. A more reasoned approach is expected and needed.

Some serious foot issues may need surgery, such as hammer toes, metatarsal malalignment, bunions or the most complicated problem: rear-foot surgery of the tarsal bone or joint. Some of these conditions may benefit from cellular therapies or prolotherapy prior to the final commitment to surgery, which is generally irreversible.

In cellular therapy, the patient’s own tissue is injected into the problem areas. Self-same cells from your body can stimulate healing and repair. These treatments can be completed the same day, and they are less risky and expensive than surgical options.

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Our 100-point Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) will determine if Prolotherapy and other cellular treatment plans could alleviate or cure your foot pain, by targeting joints, ligaments and surrounding muscle groups. Surgery is not always mandatory!
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Our difference lies in offering long-term treatment therapies that encompass preventive medicine, regenerative medicine and healthy nutritional therapies to treat the cause, not the symptoms, of foot pain.

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Hybrid therapies are assigned to patients based on their 100-point Health Score.