Finger Pain
Advanced Treatment Strategies

It’s not uncommon for some Americans to have undergone 1-3 surgeries at the advice of internists and endocrinologists, to cure pain in fingers and digits. In many cases, the pain persists and the underlying cause is never fully established. Rare conditions like Glomus Tumors, for instance, can occasionally be the cause making an accurate diagnosis difficult, but not impossible.

Finger Pain

New cellular therapies may offer some relief depending on our initial examination.

Localized, finger pain can be excruciating, with a number of potential causes including rheumatoid arthritis, gout and Lupus.

In many instances, we find that targeting the joint and ligament areas with prolotherapy and cellular injections (derived from your fat cells and bone marrow) can offer relief and some hope for those that had experienced this issue for long periods of time.

This hybrid treatment strategy is formulated based on your 100-Point Health Score below.

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Health Score

Our 100-point Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) will determine if Prolotherapy and other cellular treatment plans could alleviate or cure your hand pain, by targeting joints, ligaments and surrounding muscle groups. Surgery is not always mandatory!
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Our difference lies in offering long-term treatment therapies that encompass preventive medicine, regenerative medicine and healthy nutritional therapies to treat the cause, not the symptoms, of hand pain.

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Prolotherapy pain targeting

Cellular Pain Targeting

Hormone Balancing

Nutritional Counseling

Hybrid therapies are assigned to patients based on their 100-point Health Score.