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Dan Said NO to Knee Surgery. So Can You.

November 8, 2016 by Steve Coleman0

As the United States approaches 1 million new knee replacement surgeries per year, we have to ask if this is always necessary?

Some studies suggest that less than one-third of all surgeries are effective and would perhaps have been better handled using alternatives, including Stem Cell Therapy.

The root cause for knee joint pain is usually rooted in a previous sports injury (or something similar) and/or the increasing onset of osteoarthritis.

However, as long as the knee damage is not yet bone-on-bone, Stem Cell Therapy offers some life-changing alternatives to knee replacement surgery.

Once a patient undergoes our 100-Point Health Score we can determine if Stem Cells along with additional Prolotherapy and PRP treatment could offer you some relief. These are all Level 3, FDA-compliant, same-day procedures that we believe offer long-term options for new patients.
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