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We have a number of courageous patients who enter our Clinic every day including Bobby, a 68-year old prostrate cancer survivor who was experiencing pain in his right knee due to two previous meniscus tears.   Follow-up knee surgery had not helped, leaving him with nagging pain that was impacting some of his favorite activities including long walks which he used to help regulate his weight.   After investigating both Stem CellTherapy and PRP he decided to undergo Prolotherapy with Dr. Coleman at MedicalMasters.Org.

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Dr. Steve Coleman, Founder, MedicalMasters.Org, recently completed a successful medical mission trip to Honduras where he treated an 88-year old male suffering from chronic knee pain (and complications stemming from previous hip surgery) with Prolotherapy.

“The patient could not , or would not bend the knee on his own accord due to pain and loss of range of motion. There was no joint effusion or swelling. The anterior drawer test was negative, but the posterior drawer test was slightly positive, indicating posterior cruciate ligament damage,” said Dr. Coleman.

The first dextrose injections gave the patient almost immediate benefit and pain relief, allowing him to walk out the building, something the patient would have considered impossible prior to Dr. Coleman’s intervention. Read the full case study here: