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BONITA SPRINGS Florida, May 16, 2018 / —  Patients who need Stem Cell Therapy treatments targeting joint pain, osteoarthritis and more, can now leverage a new range of flexible financing options offering them all access to the promise of hope in Regenerative Medicine.

The updated programs offer near-instant approval and full access to the experts in regenerative medicine at  This includes the full range of medical programs provided by Dr. Coleman and his dedicated staff, including Advanced Cellular Therapies, Hormone balancing, Varicose Vein Treatment and Intravenous nutritional support.

“We are offering two comprehensive plans to begin with for our patients, from industry leaders ClearGage and MD Funding.  Soon, we expect to roll out additional affordable partners in the coming months to give our patients, friends, and families unparalleled access to preventive and regenerative medicine from coast to coast in Florida,  and world wide, with our concierge travel medicine program” said Dr. Steven Coleman D.O., founder of

The financing plans are available to patients in all 50 states, confirming our commitment  at, to advancing the health and wellness of everyone who needs our help.  The plans allow a patient to pay for medical procedures over a time frame that suits their own needs. This can be  monthly payments, or larger payments that meet their goals. Approvals take less than a minute, and only require a valid driver’s license and  social security number. The plans cost far less than half of most credit card fees and all who need them are approved.

Additionally, the plans do not require that patients use current available credit  – these can be saved for home mortgage use, or other important goals such as their children’s education.   

“As our patients’ needs change, they can add additional care to their existing plans, or simply pay them off completely, with no penalty —  making this an extremely attractive option for patients of all ages, and all income levels” said Dr. Coleman.

In addition, the initial Comprehensive Medical Assessment  (100 Point Health Score evaluation) is already covered by every health insurance plan, offering patients a powerful platform through which they can pursue optimal well-being as they sail past the age of 40.  Patients are invited to inquire about these financing options by reaching out to us via our contact page. 


125 years ago the legendary Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, MD, founded Osteopathic Medicine, a profound turning point in modern medicine that ultimately led to the genesis of Please join me on this journey….

dr. steve coleman's credentials

Key medical milestones in his career as a physician.



Michigan State University

Dr. Coleman received his undergraduate education at Michigan State University, laying a strong foundation in Internal Medicine.



Kirksville College of

Osteopathic Medicine.

He attended the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, which was the very first school of osteopathic medicine in the world. 



American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine, or AABRM

With certificate number 42, he was one the first physicians to become board certified by the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine, or AABRM

Dr. Steve Coleman, D.O

If you are currently experiencing knee pain from a previous injury or sports-related trauma we may be able to help.
Please schedule a Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) to determine if you qualify for promising new treatments
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Patricia chooses hormone balancing for optimum health
Patricia collage - Smiling after hormone balancing

Never Give Up Hope...

The hammer dropped for Patricia when, aged 72, doctors detected a small tumor under her left breast after a routine mammogram.  Following surgery she faced the frightening prospect of chemotherapy and the allied effects of a declining auto-immune system.  

“My immune system was shot to hell and I felt I had to get myself back up again,” said Patricia.

Doctors said she had no choice but to undergo radiation therapy. Patricia, after much soul searching and careful investigation of alternatives was not convinced.

“When they discovered I had cancer, there was a  bit of anger which made me want to fight it.     ‘Oh my god’, I thought,  I really have to look at my life and evaluate what I want from it and what I would like to have happen with the short time I have left.’

After surgery thought carefully about what life was about, what did she want from it and what could she give back with the years she had left.

Like a good patient, I listened to the doctors, had the surgery but then I began to question all the protocols that went along with  radiation treatment and what chemo would  do to me over the long run.”

The doctors explained that chemotherapy should be the ONLY course of action since it could guarantee her an extra 5-10 years of life.

“However, when I asked them if that would give me QUALITY of life, they could not speak to that at all because they don’t know,” said Patricia.

Patricia decided to educate herself, reading as much online material she could get her hands from established institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic.  

Patrica Tries Hormone Balancing Program


 I choose life! 


“I not only read the horror stories, but good medical journals and reports upon which it dawned on me that I wanted to live my life in the best health that I could possibly have, because that would bring me the freedom to do all the things that I wanted to do including travel, enjoy my family and do other activities such as Golf and Biking.”

Patricia looked long and hard at alternative preventive options, including Bio-Identical  Hormone Replacement Therapy.    She educated herself on Progesterone and Estrogen treatment, concluding that hormone balancing would be a viable route to improve the quality of her life.

Hormones can generally be described as special chemicals, or messengers, that tell other parts of the body when and how to work. The are responsible for just about everything that happens in your body and influence sex, desire, brain function, mood, growth, breakdown of food and overall energy levels.   

Surgery and chemotherapy can disrupt these functions, causing imbalance which results in a host of health issues. Add in the aging process and this is an extremely complex area which requires a customized and careful approach by a medical doctor and his team.

The question was, Patricia thought,  which doctor and clinic to guide her on this path considering her medical background?

The Big Decision

“It was a big decision for me because after talking to my  surgeon, oncologist and gynecologist it became clear that the general consensus was that post-surgery there should be no Estrogen intake at all. Yet, I knew, that for me to be a healthy, vibrant woman I needed Estrogen in my body. It was that important to me,” said Patricia.

Patricia realized that although one should defer to the expert opinions of the medical community, she should never stop questioning their methods and whether it was the right path for her to take.

“In fact, my surgeon after several conversations agreed that the path I wanted to explore was probably the RIGHT thing for myself. He said that if the cancer returned we would just go back, cut it out and I would continue with the rest of my life.”

At was at this point, she approached Dr. Coleman for a Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) or 100 Point Health Score to construct a  long-term flight path for hormone balancing based on her unique circumstances.

“Dr. Coleman understood immediately that I needed to rebuild my auto immune system which was still in shock from the previous surgery.   I also wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle and get the most out of life.   My energy came  back along with a feeling of wellness.”

Dr. Coleman developed a customized therapy program that administered the  safest, lowest dosage and  combination of hormones to elevate Patricia’s overall wealth while also minimizing the risk of cancer reemerging in her body.  

Dr. Steve Coleman

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Bonita Springs, Florida


"I incorporated  progesterone treatment which has well-known protective elements for the breast area.  Additionally, I added in Estriol, or Estrogen #3, which is extremely safe but allows Patricia to feel those qualities that make her a woman.  The hormone combinations used so far have generated remarkable results with no problems."

“Importantly, I decided not to put her back on Estrodial which has been known to cause breast problems in certain cases.  We carefully monitored her hormone levels, using blood and saliva,  looking out for  Estrogen #1, Estrol, which can have adverse affects on the breast area and is even worse than Estrogen #2. None has been detected thus far.”

The Quality of Life

Patricia Chooses Life With MedicalMasters.Org

“Instead of dealing with the 5-10 years of side-effects that come from drugs related to chemotherapy, I now can live with a high quality of life and feel wonderful every day.  I would also like to stress that I would never give up the monitoring mentioned above by Dr. Coleman - I think it's imperative. ”

“I was very fortunate to meet and work with Dr. Coleman and his Hormone Clinic staff in Bonita Springs, who have given me back my good health, vibrancy - a fantastic hormonal balance! Everyday is now a joy because my health now allows me to enjoy all of things important in my life, including golfing, biking, reading, socializing, playing games, traveling, plays, concerts and spending time with my grand children.”

“I would urge anyone to find their way - their path - to a healthy vibrant fun-filled life with Dr. Coleman and Live the rest of your life to the fullest with the people you love and care about” said Patricia.

“I needed to work with professional people who could make this happen and would never have reached this point in my journey without Dr. Coleman’s help. 

We need doctors to advise us of new developing sciences which could possibly help us and then we need to think about it, research it, and make a decision based on their input.  In my case, the answer was yes and I am very comfortable with that decision.” 


Following her first hormone pellet insertion, Diana shares her experience regarding the procedure with Dr. Steve Coleman, an expert in Regenerative Medicine. “It was quick and easy,” said Diana. “I am excited about it and can’t wait to see how I feel in the next week, or less.”

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Testosterone pellet therapy has gained further momentum and credibility over the last several months with a meta-analysis of data from 29 studies involving 120,000 men showing that this HRT procedure does not have negative cardiovascular risks.

Recent data emerging from the American College of Cardiology, show that testosterone therapy does not lead to adverse heart conditions and continues to have a positive impact on cognition, muscle mass, strength, bone density, metabolic function (and mood), as well as sexual performance.

As men age the amount of testosterone gradually declines and affects up to 13 million in the United States. While there has been some negative press regarding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for both men and woman over the last several years, the majority of experts see its benefits when used inside a medically-guided program.

Today it is estimated that nearly one in 25 men over the age of 60 receive testosterone therapy, with this trend to expected to curve dramatically upward in the next few years, aided by the arrival of testosterone pellet therapy which is considered safer and more practical than cream or injection alternatives.   While not normally covered by insurance, Medical Masters finds an overwhelmingly more popular response to pellet therapy than gels, patches and injections.

The reason for this is because the procedure is quick, painless and effective and does not require the drawing of blood. It can be done in one office visit requiring 1 cc lidocaine and a small incision in the hip area, where the pellets are deposited and closed up.  Most patients cannot believe how effortless the process is and are out the door minutes later.  It’s that quick.

It’s also drawing interest, since testosterone pellet therapy may have additional benefits related to aging, including preventing chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.   These tiny pellets are implanted under the skin and slowly release testosterone in steady, safe dosages while you work and sleep.  They can last up to 4-6 months depending on the patient.

Despite what you may have read, testosterone pellet therapy carries few risks when done properly by an experienced medical practitioner.   Less than 1% of cases experience any infection while less than 5% experience pellet ‘extrusion’.

There is also further good news reported by the Harvard Medical School: “In January 2004, a review article in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) took a practical approach to what is perhaps the thorniest issue: whether testosterone treatments increase the risk for prostate cancer. The article says that testosterone doesn’t cause cancer, but that men taking it need to be monitored for prostate cancer “given the widespread, albeit poorly substantiated, concern” that the hormone may stimulate the growth of hidden cancer.”

Readers with a a further interest in HRT should read this recent  testosterone pellet case study which centers on a 63-year old gentleman suffering from sleep deprivation, fatigue and depression.


Our latest case study focuses on an issue that affects millions of Americans: sleep deprivation. Henry, a 63-year old spent over five years suffering from sleepless nights, causing him to become grumpy, at times angry, and continually frustrated that his condition was not getting any better. It was also affecting his sex drive and other normal activities.

Our 100-Point Health Score revealed that he was waking up nearly every hour with the strange sensation that he needed to urinate. He would stumble to the bathroom and urinate only a tiny amount. He would empty his bladder and go straight back to bed, only to repeat the process several times during the evening. This happened each and every night.

After careful review it was determined that there were serious underlying issues contributing to the sleep disorder, including neuropathy.   Ultimately he became a candidate for the testosterone pellet therapy and the results were positive and long-lasting.

Read the full testosterone case study here.


Most of the time I’m pretty upbeat with a good sense of humor, but once my hormones go out of synch I’m like a different person,” said Marie.  Does this sound familiar to other middle-aged woman faced with the daily demands of professional life, raising a family, pleasing her husband and still finding time to enjoy healthy activities such as exercise and a healthy diet?

Marie visited our regenerative medicine clinic to help get some balance back in her life.   After an extensive 360-degree patient exam, we determined she would be an ideal candidate for bio identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) , and in particular,  testosterone pellet  therapy.    This is a medically guided program that uses a proprietary 100-point health score to determine your physiological, physical, mental and hormone equilibrium levels followed by a customized treatment plan to deliver powerful, long lasting results.

Marie, at times, was suffering from depression: “I just went into my shell and felt down.”  She knew she was not getting the best out of her life and needed a lift.

After 28 days the results were dramatic. In fact,  she noticed an immediate boost within 48 hours of treatment.    Friends and Family immediately noticed the change and she now feels her life is back on track, feeling years younger. What’s so heartening about this story, is it’s just the beginning. With careful,  medically-guided treatment and counseling, Marie should notice even more positive gains as her body adapts and re-balances female estrogen and testosterone levels.

Marie decided to share her story with you below.  “I am the poster child for female hormone treatment. I continually preach to woman how important it is to balance your hormones.”