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NAPLES, Florida, Nov 26, 2018 /  –, a pioneer in cellular therapies for age management has enhanced its Naples Nutritional Counseling Programincluding Dietary, Oral nutraceutical & IV therapy protocols – to specifically boost Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)  that studies confirm slow the effect of aging, restore brain function, elevate metabolic energy, eliminate circadian sleep disturbances, reduce joint pain and help in critical DNA repair & maintenance.

The “Prized molecule” is the subject of intense scientific interest since it’s a critical coenzyme found in 37 million living cells in the human body.

Every biological process in our body relies on optimal NAD+ to function, feeding nutrients into the power station of our cells, the mitochondria, before being released as metabolic energy known as ATP.

Life would not be possible without this molecule.

Unfortunately, once humans pass the age of 40 it may decline by as much as 40-60% leading to a host of age-related issues, diseases and health problems.

“We have put together one of the most advanced nutritional counseling programs available in Naples, Fl, using a balanced NAD+ Inspired approach to diet, calorie restriction, and nutraceutical supplements – all with the specific intention of targeting age-related issues including lower energy, muscle fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, and insomnia,” said Dr. Steve Coleman, D.O, founder of

The nutritional & nutraceutical program is situated within the broader context of’s osteopathic modalities encompassing prevention, regeneration, and nutrition, intent on only offering ethical, safe and results-driven programs that use the latest science to optimize health.

A recent first-in-humans, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study in 120 adults confirmed that supplementation of NAD+  is a safe, powerful mechanism to boost the coenzyme by as much as 60%, giving patients a molecular tool to keep genomes healthy and cell activity at optimal levels.

While the human body extracts NAD+ naturally through dietary food sources, including amino acids like Tryptophan, it’s not enough to sustain the body once aging sets in and free radicals make their appearance.   This leads to DNA decay, shortening Telomeres and a hand-brake on important stem cell processes in all parts of the body.

 The latest range of IV therapies and oral ingestible use active ingredients like Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) to overcome the aging drain on NAD+ and restore balanced metabolic energy.

“NAD+ is now considered the master regulator inside the electron transport chain that connects the Sirtuin gateways to the Mitochondria.  It helps to restore energy vitality, modulates diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, and ultimately slow the aging process,” said Dr. Coleman.

In particular, the brain uses 30% of the ATP energy expelled from the Mitochondria, making it the largest consumer in the human body.  In order for the heart to beat 86,000 times per day, it needs the fuel that originates with NAD+ production.  The right amounts of NAD+ are thus critical as we approach our golden years in life.

 The revamped NAD+ nutritional counseling program is open to all Floridians and visitors across America who wish to pursue optimal health once past the age of 40.  The program only uses ingredients that are deemed NSF Certified for Sports making it ideal for athletes, weekend warriors, and the “Average Joe” who simply wants to feel more youthful and invigorated with energy.


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