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Testosterone Pellet Therapy

Henry is a 63-year old man suffering from sleep deprivation for the last five years. Unable to sleep, his wife helplessly watched him falling into daily fits of anger and depression, seemingly getting worse by the day.

Sleep Disorder, Anger, Depression


His 100-Point Health Score (an extensive examination which reviews his past medical history) confirmed advanced melanoma – the worst kind of skin cancer – requiring deep excision and extensive chemo-therapy, leaving him with substantial neuropathy. In layman terms this means the nerve damage was permanent and non-reversible.

Consequently, he experienced severe pain while walking, particularly in his lower extremities. A multitude of medical practitioners had treated Henry with powerful medications to combat the neuropathy which seem to be amplified at night. These included sedatives and sleeping pills, which while offering some relief, did not address the underlying cause, only the symptoms of his sleep disorder.

Various doctors and psychologists recommended meditation and counseling to help mitigate his bad mood and anger issues caused by the sleep disorder. Suffering from acute fatigue, he was constantly grumpy and felt his mental health was deteriorating rapidly. After several years living with this condition, he was in desperate straits by the time he visited MedicalMasters.Org.

The 100-Point Health Score revealed that he was waking up nearly every hour with the sensation that he needed to urinate. He would stumble to the bathroom and urinate only a tiny amount. He would empty his bladder and go straight back to bed, only to repeat the process several times during the evening. This happened each and every night.

Naturally this escalated his feeling of anger, frustration and ultimately led to a sustained state of depression. It also had follow-on consequences include erectile dysfunction which placed additional strain on his relationship with his wife. None of the general practitioners, urologists or neurologists he visited seemed to have any definitive answers or treatment plans for his condition, which aggravated his mental state.

We determined that the neuropathy and numbness were particularly focused around the foot and up to the middle of the leg. Doctors often refer to this condition as the stocking-glove distribution since it resembles the endpoint of where a tall sock would sit on the leg.

His blood pressure was also slightly elevated at around 142/88.

A digital rectal exam showed a diffusely enlarged, somewhat mushy prostate with no nodules and no real tenderness. He experienced an urge to urinate during the exam, suggesting his bladder was full, even though he had urinated prior to visiting us for the appointment.

Stool was checked for blood which was negative, revealing no masses in the rectal vault. Examination of his breasts showed slight enlargement with prominent nipple buds, but no real gynecomastia or nipple discharge.

An in-depth review of his laboratory studies showed that his blood count, chemistry and PSA were normal. Cholesterol was a bit high. Multiple tests of the thyroid were normal. His testosterone was normal (although on the lower side) at 267. His estrogen level (Estradiol) was higher than normal. Dihydrotestosterone, Androstenedione and DHEA were also normal.

Thus, based on the above, what was the root cause or compendium of issues leading to such a degradation in health for this 63-year old male which had not been uncovered by previous medical doctors?

Discussion and treatment

The journey to answering the above starts with a good old-fashioned medical history review and physical examination. Quite often there are many distraction-diagnoses that lead away from discovering the real root problem.

For instance, knee pain may actually be masquerading as a hip problem. In these cases, no knee treatment or surgery will correct the problem since the pain generator actually emanates from the hip.

This scenario is more common than most patients think, with the consequence that people end up having invasive, costly surgery which also carry further health risks. If this point interests you, then read our other website prolotherapy case studies that outline real people who have gone down this path.

In Henry’s case, the problem generator related to decreased urinary flow, causing his bladder to massively enlarge and overfill.

A healthy bladder should be elastic and extremely pliable. With outflow obstruction, the bladder must work harder to overcome the resistance to flow. Like any muscle that is worked (and overworked), it grows, changes shape and flexibility.

This, however, is not a good outcome for your bladder, causing it to stretch and fatigue beyond its ability to function. The enlarged prostrate, we determined, was exacerbated by an overabundance of estrogen that blocked outflow, and the additional complication of “flaps” in the mucosa of the prostate-bladder junction – probably present for many years, if not lifelong!

Restoring Balance

The accumulation of data above allowed us to determine a safe, practical and scientific course of action for the patient. It was, in essence, a two-step process.

We firstly used a stapling procedure (performed by a very skilled urologist), to suspend the mucosal “flaps” followed by careful correction of the underlying metabolic causes of his prostate enlargement.

After his urological procedure, we began the task of balancing his hormones. He was placed on a small dose of Anastrazole twice weekly and his estrogen was carefully monitored. This reduced his estrogen significantly, but not to zero. Even men need a bit of estrogen, for optimal brain, heart and bone health. Estrogen has also been shown in studies to be very important in helping a male perform sexually.

The next issue was regulating his testosterone levels.
He was particularly concerned about exposing his grandchildren to any cream-based hormones. Alternatively, weekly shots can be painful and repetitive, containing their own set of risks, such as infection, tissue reaction and incorrect injection techniques which can further damage the body, include nerve areas.

Consequently, this made him an excellent candidate for testosterone pellet therapy. This would allow an adequate dose of continuous testosterone without the pain and inconvenience of weekly shots or messy creams.

After cleaning the skin of his buttocks with hexachloridine, a few cc of Lidocaine with epinephrine was painlessly injected into the subject.

Under sterile conditions a tiny 4 mm incision was made. Four pellets of Testosterone with a 200mg dosage were inserted neatly into the fat. Since Lidocaine (with epinephrine) was used there was only one or two drops of blood lost. After applying pressure to the insertion site, steristrips and a clear dressing was applied.

The Results

After six weeks, repeat blood tests were performed, showing his testosterone level to be 739, placing him within the top 20% percentile of healthy men.

He was now also sleeping through the night without sedatives or sleeping pills, his mood was dramatically improved. He also had no problems maintaining an erection during sex and his wife had noticed a dramatic change in his daily mood and outlook on life. Her final words to me: “Thank You for bringing my husband back!“

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