Back Pain
Advanced Treatment Strategies

We understand you may currently be experiencing severe back pain, but prescription drugs and opioids are not the default answer for treating and curing back pain, something the Federal government supported recently in its guideline report for medical doctors across America

Back Pain

Further, invasive expensive surgery is often not your only alternative.
Back pain and its “Spiral of Decline” currently affects over 11% the adult population and is treatable using hybrid treatment strategies including prolotherapy and cellular treatment as part of an integrative approach to tackling your pain in the lower, middle and upper back.

In many instances, you may be experiencing referral pain from other parts of your body that respond to our treatment therapies. And, by modulating your exercise regimen and diet we can find additional ways to keep you healthy and pain-free.

Our 100-Point Health Score will analyze your entire body to pinpoint ways to minimize back pain without resorting to addictive pain killers or surgery, which more often than not, do not cure the the underlying cause and leads to other long-term issues.

How healthy are you?

Health Score

Our 100-point Comprehensive Medical Assessment (CMA) will determine if Prolotherapy and other cellular treatment plans could alleviate or cure your back pain.
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Optimal Health

Our difference lies in offering long-term treatment therapies that encompass preventive medicine, regenerative medicine and healthy nutritional therapies to treat the cause, not the symptoms, of neck pain

We thrive based on the good results our patients obtain. Our Service is Guaranteed

Prolotherapy pain targeting

Cellular Pain Targeting

Hormone Balancing

Nutritional Counseling

Hybrid therapies are assigned to patients based on their 100-point Health Score.