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63-Year Old Benefits from Testosterone Pellet Therapy

September 10, 2016 by Steve Coleman0

Our latest case study focuses on an issue that affects millions of Americans: sleep deprivation. Henry, a 63-year old spent over five years suffering from sleepless nights, causing him to become grumpy, at times angry, and continually frustrated that his condition was not getting any better. It was also affecting his sex drive and other normal activities.

Our 100-Point Health Score revealed that he was waking up nearly every hour with the strange sensation that he needed to urinate. He would stumble to the bathroom and urinate only a tiny amount. He would empty his bladder and go straight back to bed, only to repeat the process several times during the evening. This happened each and every night.

After careful review it was determined that there were serious underlying issues contributing to the sleep disorder, including neuropathy.   Ultimately he became a candidate for the testosterone pellet therapy and the results were positive and long-lasting.

Read the full testosterone case study here.

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